Saturday, February 8, 2014

That time is nigh...

Last night was a good-bye party for one of my close friends, as today she goes back to Denmark.  That is when it really hit me that this is coming to a close.  I will admit it, I cried.  I will probably be crying at the remaining social gatherings in Tuebingen at some point.  I know just what people mean when they say that the departure from the States is much easier than the return.  My last days will be spent in Berlin and I will be booking a train there shortly.  I am definitely looking forward to Berlin.  I will be meeting with some old friends there and this time there will be far less miscommunication as my German has drastically improved since then.

Okay so where did I leave off?  Ah yes...

I visited Zurich, Switzerland.  My oh my I could not understand much of what the locals were saying because they speak a different dialect of Deutsch there.  Luckily enough, they read and write in High Deutsch(What I am learning), so they have no problem speaking it too.  Oh, and most speak English anyway.  This was definitely the most expensive place I visited.  A small-medium Thai soup which would cost, lets say $6 in the US, cost about $13 there.  Ouch.


Nice view of the Alps!

One of the most entertaining things for me was watching these guys play chess on this giant chess set at the park.

The park had an excellent view!!

Lucky me!  At the Zuerich art museum was an Edvard Munch display!   One of my favorites!

So this guy was standing on the Grossmuenster platz and yelling something about how we are all demons and going to hell, or something of that nature.  It reminded me of that scene from Fellowship of the ring where Saruman was trying to bring down the mountain.

Next, I visited Michaela in Florence!  What a stunning and beautiful town... The architecture, the food, the weather...  She really made a good choice studying there.

My host's lovely cats

So THAT'S how it's made!

My Florence hosts!

That is all for now, I will get down to more updating soon!

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